This section shows the activities related to dissemination along the project duration. Visit this section periodically to get new updates.


Conference / Journal Title Partners Publishing Date
(1) IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems Sustainable Transportation Management System for a Fleet of Electric Vehicles (STMS) UB 2015
(2) Journal of Network and computer applications (Elsevier) Theoretic-Game Model to Optimally Combine Electric Vehicles with Green and Non-Green Sources into an End-to-End Smart Grid Architecture UB 2016
(3) IEEE’GIIS2015, Guadalajara, Mexico A New Intrusion Detection Approach Against Lethal Attacks in the Smart Grid: Temporal and Spatial Based Detections UB 2015
(4) 2015 IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence - Intelligence Applications in Smart Grid, Cape Town, South Africa, 8-10 December, 2015 Electrical energy consumption forecast using external facility data GECAD 2015
(5) 2016 IEEE PES Transmission and Distribution Conference and Exhibition, Dallas, USA, May 3-5, 2016 Weighted sum approach using Parallel Particle Swarm Optimization to Solve Multi-objective Energy Scheduling GECAD 2016
(6) IEEE NCA 2015, Cambridge, USA, NACER: a Network-Aware Cost-Efficient Resource allocation method for processing-intensive tasks in distributed clouds IMT Sept 2015
(7) VTC2015-Spring, Glasgow, Scotland, Context-Aware Emergency Notification Service over 4G EPC Network: Concept and Design IMT May 2015
(8) Forthcoming, Computer Standards & Interfaces, Elsevier. Service Composition for IP Smart Object using Realtime Web Protocols: Concept and Research Challenges IMT 2016
(9) IEEE ICC’16, Kuala Lumpur, 2016 A Trust Model for Data Sharing in Smart Cities IMT 2016
(10) Sensors 2016, 16, 215, MDPI Industrial Internet of Things-Based Collaborative Sensing Intelligence: Framework and Research Challenges IMT 2016
(11) Infocom 2016 Path Computation in multi-layer networks: Complexity and Algorithms THALES 2016
(12) Thales Key Technical Domain on Processing, Control & Cognition Algorithmic Game Theory at the rescue THALES January 2016
(13) IEEE CloudNets Criticality-aware Service Composition for Cloud and Network Brokerage THALES 2015
(14) IEEE ICC A Lightweight Anomaly Detection Technique for Low-Resource IoT Devices UB 2016
(15) Security and Communication Networks (Wiley) An Efficient Intrusion Detection Framework in Cluster-Based Wireless Sensor Networks UB
(16) Ad Hoc Networks Journal (Elsevier) A Novel Secure Aggregation Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks Using Stateful Public Key Cryptography UB 2015
(17) Mobile Network & Applications (Springer) Energy Efficient Management for Wireless Mesh Networks with Green Routers UB 2015
(18) PAAMS’16 A Multi-Agent System Architecture for Microgrid Managing CEA 2016
(19) Submitted to 2016 IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things Improving User Interactions with Constrained Devices in the Web of Things iMinds Submission
(20) Submitted to 2016 IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things EC-IoT: An Easy Configuration Framework for Constrained IoT Devices iMinds Submission
(21) IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems Intrusion Detection and Ejection Framework Against Lethal Attacks in UAV-Aided Networks: A Bayesian Game-Theoretic Methodology UB 2016
(22) IEEE Globecom How to Detect Cyber-Attacks in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Network ? UB 2016
(23) IEEE WCNC Network Connectivity and Area Coverage for UAV Fleet Mobility Model with Energy Constraint UB 2016
(24) IEEE WINCOM Smart Grid Security: A new Approach to Detect Intruders in a Smart Grid Neighborhood Area Network UB 2016
(25) IEEE GIIS FUSE-IT: Enhancing Critical Site Supervision with Cross-Domain Key Performance Indicators TRT, Arc, GECAD, IMT, CEA,MOSBIT 2016
(26) IEEE GIIS Smart-Sensor Placement Optimization under Energy objectives ICAM,TRT 2016
(27) IEEE GIIS Price Prediction for Outsourced Facility Management ICAM,TRT 2016
(28) IEEE GIIS Wang and Madel's FuzzyRule Learning Method for Energy Consumption Forecasting GECAD 2016
(29) Submitted to IEEE Sensors Journals Maximum Quality Data Aggregation Tree Construction in Deadline Constrained WSNs IMT 2016
(30) MODELSWARD 2017 SMART REIFIER : Model-Driven Development of Service-Oriented SCADA Applications from Models of Sensor and Actuator Networks ICAM 2017
(31) 2016 IEEE Symposium on Computational Intelligence Applications in Smart Grid (IEEE CIASG'16) Energy Consumption Forecasting based on Hybrid Neural Fuzzy Inference System GECAD 2016

Conferences and workshops

  • GIIS 2016 (website)
  • Location: Porto,Portugal
  • Dates: 19-21 October, 2016
  • Special tracks: Sustainability in Energy and Buildings, Smart and Secure Environments
  • Organized: A session for FUSE-IT results in GIIS conference
  • 2 keynotes: Zita Vale (GECAD) & Adrien Bécue (CCS)
  • Partners Papers for GIIS’16:
  • Innovations in Cloud, Internet and Networks (ICIN) conference 2017: (website)
  • Location: Paris,France
  • Dates: 7-9 March, 2017
  • Special session : Trust and Access Control for the Internet of Things
  • Technical support and sponsorship on defining the scope of a special session relevant to the FUSE-IT project
  • Partners Paper : " Ontology-based Model for Trusted Critical Site Supervision in FUSE-IT", Partners : IMT, GECAD, ULR, EISIS/Arc ,CCS
  • DCAI/PAAMS 2017: (website)
  • Location: Porto,Portugal
  • Dates: 21-23 June, 2017
  • Special Session on Advances on Demand Response and Renewable Energy Sources in Agent Based Smart Grids (website)
  • Competitions and awards

  • FUSE-IT Project has been selected by the Great Common of Saint-Quentin en Yvelines as Awardee of the "Special Prize" for innovation & territorial impact among 41 applicants. A ceremony was organized on Wednesday 22/03/17 on Bouygues Challenger site in Guillancourt where Adrien Bécue (FUSE-IT Project leader) received the Award from Jean-Michel Fourgous, Vice President of the Great Common of Saint-Quentin en Yvelines, in charge of Economic Development, Finance, Higher Education and Research.(website)
  • Project Dissemination Material

  • FUSE-IT Poster (download)
  • FUSE-IT Leaflet (download)
  • FUSE-IT Newsletter (website)
  • Location: Paris,France (Co-located with IEEE ICC Conference)
  • Date: 22 Mai, 2017
  • Newsletter Title : " Security Issues and Solutions in Smart Grid: FUSE-IT European Project Use-case", Partners : UB, IMT, IMEC, NIKO, GECAD (download)