FUSE-IT - Objectives


Fuse-IT will address the need of sustainable, reliable, user-friendly, efficient, safe and secure Building Management System (BMS) in the context of Smart Critical Sites. It is the sole initiative addressing Sustainability and Security & Safety challenges from a site management perspective. It will benefit to both challenges by solving the dilemma between efficiency and security in intelligent buildings.

A BMS is defined here as a computer based system that controls and monitors the building facilities such as ventilation, lighting, power systems, fire detection and security. A Smart Site is a facility or infrastructure implementing intelligent building and energy control & monitoring technologies such as micro-grids, smart sensors or communicating devices. A micro-grid is intended here as a local electrical system that includes multiple loads and distributed energy resources that can be operated in parallel with the broader utility grid or as an electrical island. A Critical Site is a facility or infrastructure which has to meet higher grade safety and security requirements, whether this is for national / business-strategic or public health and safety reasons.

The trend towards global competition and supranational regulation forces nations to flow down more and more environmental, economical, national-critical and safety-critical requirements on key public and private actors. These actors need to upgrade their facilities and assets accordingly. In the context of a Smart Critical site, a Site Manager and a Security Manager may face incompatible objectives and constraints. A Site Manager would likely focus on manageability, automation, energy efficiency, sustainability and global cost of building operation. A Security Manager would more likely focus on anti-intrusion at physical and logical level, relying on dedicated equipments and segregated networks, whatever the infrastructure, staff & power required.

From a technological point of view, however, with ICT enhancing all legacy building equipment and automation, a number of synergies emerge which may help solving this dilemma. Through connection to enterprise network and the internet, building energy and automation systems become more flexible, powerful and upgradable. They also get exposed to new threats, a reason why, from its original focus on information networks, cyber-security has moved towards a more comprehensive scope involving security of cyber-physical systems. A striking rationale for that is that attacks on cyber-physical systems do not only harm national / business strategic information security. They can ramp up into industrial, environmental or public health and safety catastrophe.

A way to success is to stimulate cross-domain innovation between activities which are traditionally very segmented. Advanced data processing and analysis is the key capability required to meet all challenges above. Therefore, the main achievement of Fuse-IT shall be the development of a Core Building Data Processing & Analysis module. It will process data reported by Secured share Sensors, Effectors and Devices strongly interconnected through Trusted federated Energy & Information Networks. It will display the building & security status based on common Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). At user-level, a Smart unified Building Management Interface will enable dailymonitoring and controlling with a “view of god” on buildings, while a Full Security Management Interface will enable supervision of both physical and logical security throughout the premises and the enterprise network.

The result of Fuse-IT will be a Smart Secured Building System, incorporating the above described modules. They will be marketable as standalone components or fully integrated system in order to address either existing or new SmartCritical Sites. A service offering will also be set up to enable trusted building management and/or security management operation under rental price. Besides lower investment cost, this enables expertise federation and full benefit from big data analytics advantage.